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The Cloud Security Rules targets decision makers in organizations worldwide.

Whether you run a small company, is the president of a global NGO, or the CISO of a well-known brand - this book brings you relevant knowledge about security in the Cloud.

This book helps you to understand the differences and the similarities between cloud computing and traditional networking - which in essence is the same, yet different.

If you are considering moving to the cloud, or are looking for a higher level of security for your existing appliance, The Cloud Security Rules help you to choose the right level of security - based on your needs and understanding.

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The Cloud Security Rules is authored by some of the leading authorities on information security. This is a presentation of the team. Please contact them if you would like to discuss cloud security. You may also follow the authors on Twitter.

To read more about the different authors, please take a look at the team page.

This book was authored by globally recognized cloud security specialists.
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